Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Oh yeah, I just shot that dude in the nuts!"

"You had the entire the day off work and I asked you clean to up the kitchen and it's still a mess?!"

"Can't you see I'm busy, I'll do it later!!"


"Dude, what the hell...MY LEG!!"


Doctors were able to successfully reattach the severed appendage with no permanent damage and the patient went on to lead a normal life.

"Booyah, nut shot bitch!!"

Still a mess...



Cam said...

CONTINUITY ERROR: In frame 1, Keith is CLEARLY wearing his glasses, then they are absent when he does a double-take at the filthy kitchen. Despite this nearly-unforgivable error, I am intrigued by the possibility of more photo-stories in this style. Outstanding!

Keef said...

Yeah, I saw that too, but hoped you would forgive it and you did. The first picture was actually taken last.

I had originally only intended to post a funny looking picture of me with no leg, but then I decided to add some "story".

Cody and I are brainstorming on another photo-story that promises to be more over-the-top and hilarious.

Cam said...

I am rubbing my hands together in excitement! Also to keep them warm.