Monday, September 20, 2010


When I'm online and I get bored I usually end up buying something.  Curse you eBay and PayPal!  That being the case I'm usually getting at least two packages a week.  In all my purchases from eBay I have only once never received what I bought and I just e-mailed the seller and told him and he gave me my money back.  Also, I've never received damaged or broken goods in the mail until I picked an envelope out of my mailbox today.

I bought this Kamen Rider lobby card off eBay that must be from the early to mid 70's with plans to frame it and hang it on my wall.  It came from Lebanon for some reason.  Anyway, it finally arrived this morning and I thought it was weird that the envelope had a plastic bag over it.  I turned it over to see that it was Canada Post that had put the plastic on it to basically tell me that my package was damaged.  Thanks?

I like how at the top it says "Apology From Canada Post", but to be fair it entirely wasn't their fault.  The seller should've packaged it a lot better.  The picture was in plastic and taped to a flimsy piece of card board.  And oh man is he gonna hear about it in my feedback.

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Renea Luong said...

That's rather unfortunate. I agree. The seller should have taken more care with the packaging, so something like this wouldn't have happened. On the whole, it seems like you've had good luck so far getting delivery to your home.

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