Sunday, April 21, 2013

Jet set

This morning I rolled out bed early in the morning to drive my mom to the airport.  She's off to Taiwan to visit my Uncle Cam and Murray for a few weeks.  I had her at the airport before 8:30 am and her flight from Cranbrook went to Calgary, then to Vancouver.  She flies from Vancouver to Hong Kong where she stays the night and then flies from HK to Taipei the next day.  Yeah, it is going to take a while to get there, something like 13 hours in the air.  She doesn't come back to Canada until May 14th, so she's gone for a while.

She had a giant suitcase that weighed 50.5lbs, plus her 20lb carry on bag.  Most of that stuff is for my uncle and Murray, so it won't be coming back.  Murray wanted BBQ sauce and Reese's Pieces(ET!).  That means her bag will be nice and empty with lots of rooms for goodies to bring back.  She asked me if I wanted anything, but I told her I don't need any more stuff.  Even though on her way back she is stopping in Hong Kong for four days.  I'm sure I could fill her suitcase pretty quick there, but she wouldn't know what to look for.  She's there to have fun and relax, not get me toys.

For some reason she bought an iPad mini for the trip, mostly as time killer for reading and stuff, but also for sending e-mails and pictures.  I couldn't figure out how hook up her Shaw e-mail on it, so I just created her a new G-mail account which is a lot easier because it's web based e-mail.  She said she'd send some pictures of Hong Kong when she gets there, so we'll see.

Tomorrow I'm heading back to Calgary and hopefully it won't snow.  It was actually snowing earlier here tonight.  If my mom is lucky maybe it will be spring here when she gets back.

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