Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Yep, not much going on around here.  Things have been pretty quiet on the blog front lately most because I've haven't really done anything.  I know that not much of change since I usually don't ever do anything, but sometimes I buy dumb junk and show it to you guys.

I was going to go to Chinatown today and buy a movie and look at other stuff like toys, candy and baked good, but the weather wasn't cooperating, so I didn't end up going.  Maybe next week on a day as long as the weather is nice.

I did go for a walk on Monday because it was nice out then.  It was a good walk, but I wore my slip on Vans with no socks.  My feet held up surprisingly well.  Well I was out I saw something totally crazy...a guy using a pay phone!  Yes, there are still pay phones out there and I guess people still use them.  It was weird.

Anyway, this is pretty much a non-post, but hopefully this weekend I'll get to something a little more exciting.  I might even break out the pressure washer and show you guys what is hiding under all the dust on the Spider-Man package.  


Cam said...

Wow, a payphone! Did you see if there was a phone book in that phone booth?

mike said...

I thought I saw someone using one the other day, but I think they were just peeing in it..