Sunday, June 15, 2014


I was at the thrift store last Tuesday because it was Toonie Tuesday and all DVDs are $2.00 each.  Yeah!  Unfortunately, I didn't find any good DVDs, but I did find an awesome book for only 25 cents.

 Nice bowl cut kid.

It's a book about a book.  It's not supposed to make sense, since it's a religious book.   The basic run down is that it says there are all different types of books, but there is one extra special book...The Bible!  Just looking at the cover I knew it was going to be a Jesus thing, but it was too funny to pass up.

The pictures in the book are pretty funny and hilariously dated as the book came out in 1982.  They look so cheesy, I don't know how to explain it.  There needs to be a photo app with that filter on it.


Hey God, pull my finger!

This Happy Day Book is a totally rip-off of the classic Golden Books with the thick covers and instead of a golden spine, they use a silver spine.  Even on the inside of the back cover there is a list of all the other Happy Day Books.

Some of those titles are pretty funny like God Made Kittens, Happy Times with the Lollipop Dragon, Baby Jesus ABC Storybook and my favorite How God Gives Us Peanut Butter.  I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for those books for future thrift store visits.  Reading this book is the closest to reading a Bible as I'll ever get.

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