Sunday, June 22, 2014

Triple Threat

This would be really awesome if it was a giant single bag with all three different cereals mixed together inside.


mike said...

Keith, I've got a question perfect for your expertise;
Little man would like to know what the difference are between the Lobster sizes in the tank at the counter. There are different prices for Colossal, Giant, or Chick Lobsters? (Terribly sexist and discriminatory classes btw..)
Do the Lobsters know what class they are?
Have the Crabs reached a classless society?
Are the Muscles as lazy as they look?
So many questions..

Keef said...

Mike, pass on the following information to Eli.

A colossal lobster is usually 3 - 5 lbs. They are really old and don't taste as good as the smaller one.

A jumbo or "select" lobster is around 2 lbs.

A chick lobster is around 1 - 1 1/4 lbs. They call them chicks, but they are not all girls. I don't why they call them that.

The crabs are all dudes! There should be a small and large size. A small is under 850 g and a large over 850 g. Squeeze their legs to find the best ones. If the leg is firm that means it's full of meat. They don't like it very much though.

And yes, mussels, not muscles, are as dumb as they look. Clams are almost as dumb, but they can squirt you, so don't get them angry.