Saturday, June 7, 2014

Blowin' up

I posted this picture here already and received zero comments, so thanks for that everybody.  Anyway, I also posted it on my Tumblr page way back on October 13, 2013.  Back then it got a few likes and reblogs and that was it.  Now for some reason it's racking up the likes and reblogs like crazy the last two days.  I've kinda given up on my Tumblr because I'm boring and lazy, so people aren't really interested in that.  Also, I don't have any friends that "follow" me, so it's a bit useless.  I could just be like most people on there and just reblog everything instead of writing/creating my own original content.   Maybe I should get a Twitter or Instagram??


Cam said...

I'd guess somebody superimposed some 'hilarious' white text on the bottom and now it's called the FAST FOOD GUY meme by dummies who don't know who it is. #yoloswag420

Keef said...

When I originally posted the picture, it was just the plain picture with no accompanying text. That is still what is getting all the likes/reblogs.

Just for fun I sometimes look at the profiles of some of the people who like/reblog my posts and I can tell you most of the people liking/reblogging that UHF picture weren't even born when the movie was released. Damn, kids.