Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fabulous prizes revealed!

Cam has received his awesome pair of Vans that he won in the last contest I ran here on the blog.  He was nice enough to send me a picture of them.

Cam is stylin' and profilin'!  Cara is looking all sad because she doesn't have anything and isn't as cool.  Don't worry Cara, I told Cam you just have to be near him when he has the shoes on to be cool by association.  Go outside his cool cone of influence or you are on your own!  And Cara, you can turn that frown upside and keep reading for something special!

Now that Cam has a rad pair of shoes I'm going to have to step up my game to keep up with him.  Unfortunately, this is the best I got so far.

Mix and match Vans and yes, I did go out wearing them like that.  Now it's too cold out and I'll have to retire them until May.  Damn winter, making me wear shoes with laces.

Now onto Cara's prize!  If its one thing that chicks like it is making stuff (like breakfast, lunch, dinner) and jewellery.  Cara's prize combines both of these things into a fabulous Makit & Bakit necklace kit.


I took me a while to find something cool for Cara and it wasn't because stuff at the thrift store was too expensive.  I finally broke down and bought this because I know she likes Makit & Bakit kits and it a total pro at them, unlike her husband.  As you can see it cost $89, so more than the SRP of Cam's Vans, not that we're keeping track or anything.  I think it is because the chain on the necklace is platinum.   Cara, you can pick it up if you ever get back to Calgary or just wait until Christmas.  Christmas is probably better because then it counts as a Christmas gift too.  Enjoy!

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Cara said...

Whoa! That was WELL worth the wait. It will be the nicest piece of jewelry I own. Now Cam will be cool when he's with me.