Monday, April 20, 2015

May the farce be with you

Cody and I both had the day off work today, so we went and filmed a video!  Sorry, Cam and Mike it's not the ninja bop bag video, it's something different, but still fun.  It's a bit more topical than the ninja bop bag, so we had to strike while the iron is hot so to speak.  Check it out!

I had to bug Cody to go back and do that Santa hat scene.  It totally works, but Cara still won't get it.


Cam said...

I like the Santa hat scene. I hope your head is feeling better. :/

mike said...

You should wear your xwing helmet to the movie too.

Keef said...

Just like Jackie Chan, I do all my own stunts Seriously though, I am okay, it was nothing a Tylenol couldn't fix.