Thursday, April 9, 2015

Shasta McNasty

During my last whirlwind trip back to Cranbrook I made some time to go to Dollar Tree mostly because I wanted to pick up some Covered Bridge chips.  Sadly, they didn't have any chips, but that doesn't mean I didn't buy anything.

When I unpacked my car from the trip I set the Dollar Tree bag down on the floor by the microwave cart.  It's still there.

A super awesome and super scary zombie finger puppet!  Don't worry, it's "soft & safe".

A ninja training bag to help me keep my ninja reflexes sharp as a katana.

Diet Shasta!

The convenient four pack for when six is just too many.

I've got plans for all three of these items, making them happen is where I run into trouble.  The zombie finger puppet and the ninja bop bag will end up on the blog as either a photo series/story or possible even a (extremely) short video.  The Shasta I will simply drink, against my better judgement.   When you can buy a four pack of soda for $1.25 that seems a little sketchy.  Which one of this things do you want to see first?  Let me know and maybe it will motivate me to make is happen.


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I too would like to see Ninja BOP..