Monday, November 2, 2015

Card shark

I was at London Drugs getting some more Border's Chocolate Gingers and I found that they have the Star Wars cards too!  They had two different types of packs, a small pack of six cards and a larger "fat" pack of fourteen cards.  (FYI, the Wal-Mart pack also has fourteen cards in it.)  I bought a fat pack and a regular pack of cards.

My regular six card pack.

Two blue base cards.

My two coloured parallel cards including a Lightsaber neon parallel which is 1:6 packs.  The picture quality isn't the best, but it sure looks pink to me.

I like these sticker cards and their cool retro look!

On the package it says "MORE VALUE" and something about compared to the regular packs.  It's not really that much of a deal.  You can get two regular packs for $6 while the fat pack costs $7, so you are paying $1 more for two more blue cards.  I'd rather get the regular packs and get more insert cards and parallels.  If you are looking to get blue base cards for a set then the fat pack is probably the way to go.

A bunch(forgot to count) of blue base cards.

My two parallels.

Another cool sticker card and an insert card from the Concept Art set.

Okay, I know I was bad mouthing the fat pack and saying I'd rather buy the regular pack of cards, but then I got this card in my fat pack.

A fancy card with a patch in it!  The odds on the patch cards are 1:170 packs, so I guess I hit the jackpot.  I looked up the patch card check list and this is probably the one card I'd want the least out of all of them.  I'd rather had a BB-8, Chewie, Stormtrooper, or R2 card but I guess I shouldn't complain as it's lucky enough to get one.

You can see the patch card is thicker because well patches are thick I guess.

I think the blue prints insert cards are only available at Toys R Us, so that leaves me no choice, but to go there to check it out!

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