Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Yep, even more Star Wars.

This is not a repeat!  I was looking at some cat video on YouTube this morning and then after it was finished in brought up other videos YouTube thought I would enjoy based on my viewing history.  One of those videos was a Star Wars Battlefront video!  At the official website they've released short videos showing off different game modes, planets, etc from the game.  LevelCapGaming took all those short videos and compiled it into one long video.  It's got speeder bikes!  I guarantee you if I get one I'll be crashing straight into a tree right away.

Those videos make it look so exciting, but when I played the beta I ended up running around and dying more (a lot more) than I did running around killing enemies.  I will probably still pick it up though.  It's out next Tuesday!  I was planning on just buying it from work and using my PC Points, so I won't have to pay anything for it.  I just hope we actually get in in stock and it's actually there on Tuesday.  Sometimes we only get a couple copies of a game and they might even come in late or the next day of the release date.

Or I could go to Best Buy at 10 pm Nov 16th and get it early!

The only reason I'd get it there is to get that awesome toque with the pom-pom.  If you wear it while playing Hoth levels you get a XP boost.

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