Thursday, November 19, 2015

Look a cow

Been meaning to post something up for a while, but haven't gotten around to it due to watching movies and getting my ass kicked on Battlefront among other things.  But I'm back with the Foo Fighters!

I picked up this used Foo Fighters CD at Melodydia.  It's an import CD from Holland, hence the Live in Holland title.

So it's a double disc with only four tracks per disc?  Seems like a waste to me.  Disc one is titled Breakout and the second titled, Next Year.

Unfortunately, the set was missing the Next Year disc which totally sucks.  The live tracks, My Hero and Monkey Wrench, on that disc would've been really cool.  Instead it's a burned disc of FF(or 77?) music videos.

I popped the burned disc in my computer thinking it was a burned DVD, but it wasn't even that, it was a VCD.  Talk about old school.  The disc wouldn't even play in my computer, maybe modern computers can't handle the pixels of a VCD.  I tried in in my blu-ray player and it played about two minutes of the first video and then that was it.  The other thirteen files on the disc wouldn't even play, so it's coaster time.

The good news is that I noticed this before I bought it.  I showed the dude and he dropped the price down to $2.00.  Not sure if that was still a deal or not.

In other news, has anyone got the new Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck CD yet?  I saw it at Wal-Mart, but didn't get it.  I know it's all home demos and stuff, so I'm a little hesitant about picking it up just due to audio quality.  I guess there is a single disc version and a fancier double disc version available.  Maybe I'll just wait until that shows up a Melodyia.

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