Tuesday, January 12, 2016


So no Lego tonight, but not because I forgot or because I'm lazy (even though I am), it's because STAR WARS.   I'm not sure if you guys follow the internet or social media, but this guy is now officially the biggest bad ass of the Star Wars movies.

Sorry Boba Fett, the internet has spoken.  Like Boba Fett he doesn't say much and also like Fett he goes out like a punk.  The internet dubbed him TR-8R, but turns out he actually has a proper designation, you read about him here.  Yes, he is just a stormtrooper, but unlike most other stormtroopers he actually does something other than just get shot.  Okay yes, he still gets shot, but it's unclear if it was a kill shot.  The way the internet loves this guy I'm sure they can bring him back for a small scene in the next movie.  Maybe he'll get two words of dialogue this time.

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