Friday, January 1, 2016

New year, same old

Back in October my sister and my mom asked me what I wanted to Christmas.  I told them what I wanted so I would actually get the stuff I want and not have to pay for it myself and get stuck with stuff I don't want.  On that Christmas wish list was the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar.

It's not quite Star Wars, but I guess the Star Wars calendar was sold out, so I ended up getting the Lego City Advent Calendar instead.  It's not what I wanted, but it's still Lego, so it's still fun.  In the end that means you get a post a day for the next 24 days!

The box flap folds out to a wintery background.

The first day's kit looks to be a pair of RC cars.

Two assembled RC cars, ready to go.


See you tomorrow for the 2nd's kit!

PS ~ I also asked for the Snuggie which I totally got.  I used it last night when I watched Critters 3, I don't know how I managed to go this long without one.

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