Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Did anyone watch the X-Files?!  If not, why not??  The first episode of season 10 aired Sunday night and the second episode aired Monday.  The remaining episodes will every Monday night.  I like the new X-Files so far, the first episode was aliens and crazy conspiracy stuff which kinda opens up stuff.  The new season is only a mere 6 episodes, so I'm not sure how they can resolve much after the first episode.  It doesn't help much that the second episode is a kinda of stand alone episode too.  Maybe they will just set up a bunch of storyline threads and hope it's popular enough to bring back as another mini series.

Today I went to HMV to look for a movie, and while I wasn't sure what movie I wanted I knew I could find something if I tried.  I didn't have to try very hard because instead of buying one movie I ended up buying three.  I almost got the Ghoulies/Ghoulies II double feature, but got some old school anime instead.  Next time I'll definitely get Ghoulies.

Blu-rays for Venus Wars and Ninja Scroll!  Venus Wars is cool, so I wasted no time and watched it tonight.  It's widescreen, has Japanese audio with English subs and the old school English dub you all remember from the VHS days.  No special features except some old trailer taken from the old CPM DVD which looks pretty crappy.

If you haven't seen Ninja Scroll it's crazy and violent and gory and ninjas.  That's pretty much all you need.  Can't believe it was only $12.99!

I also got the 3 disc DVD Armitage set.  It contains all 4 OVAs plus the two movies, Polymatrix and Dual Matrix, for 317 minutes of  sci-fi cyberpunk goodness.   That sounds like a lot and while it is, there is some overlap.  The 4 OVAs were later re-cut into the movie Polymatrix for release in North America.  I've seen the two movies, but it will be good to see the original OVAs because they did cut out about 17 minutes when editing Polymatrix,

Well see ya, I got movies to watch.

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