Saturday, February 13, 2016

Spin me right round

As I said here is the low down on my Sylvania turntable I bought at Superstore.

The full box shot of my new Sylvania USB turntable.

At work they had two different versions of this turntable, my blue one and a purple one.  The purple one was priced at $8.94 while the blue one which I got was priced one dollar cheaper at $7.94.  I couldn't figure out what the difference between the two of them was, I mean the purple one had to be better because it was more expensive right?  Boxes for both models were identical with the same specs, they even had identical serial numbers which means the extra dollar was just for the colour.  I'm not paying an extra dollar just for purple, so I took the cheaper blue one which in the end cost me $7.51 with my discount.  

Here are the specs from the back of the box. Can you believe it has rotary volume control AND a led light?! 

Contents of the box are the turntable itself, the USB cable and instructions and software driver.  I didn't install the software, but it's for recording your vinyl and transferring it to digital format.

Not the most trusted or reliable name in consumer home electronics.

Turntable with the roof up, so you can see under the hood.  There is a spot for the 45 adapter!  It also comes with a mini slipmat, but mine had a slight warp in it.  I could try and flatten it out, buy a new one and cut it down, but really it would be cheaper to just buy a second unit.

The side has all the buttons/switches and inputs/outputs as well as the speaker.  You see the button for the USB/Battery select?  Yep, that means the unit can be powered by USB or batteries.

It only takes four "AA" batteries to power it, so you can take it with your where ever you go.  It's convenient like that.

Once you put the record in it sort of looks like a pizza cutter to me.  The good news is that it actually works.  As I a record player I mean, I haven't tried cutting any pizza with it.  One negative is that it only has the single built in speaker with sounds a bit treble-y, there isn't much or any bass.  Overall though I thought it was a pretty good deal for less than eight dollars.  It plays records with no problem, it's small so it doesn't take up much space and has the ability to transfer your vinyl collection to digital format. 

If you head over to my Instagrump you can see and hear it in action!  The Beastie Boys were too ill for the Slyvania, the lack of bass did them no justice.

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