Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Star Wars Trilogy

Well I did it, I finally got my hands on the Hot Wheels version of the Millennium Falcon from The Force Awakens.  Thanks, Wal-Mart.  They had bunch of Star Wars Hot Wheels, but that was about it.  The rest of the Star Wars section was looking pretty sparse.

I just assumed they took the easy way in making the new updated version of the Falcon and that was just using the previous mold and just sticking a square dish on it.  Turns out they changed the turret on the top from single barrel to double barrel.  But other than that they are identical.

Here is the Hot Wheels Falcon from the original trilogy, the Black Series Titanium Falcon based on TFA and then the Hot Wheels TFA Falcon.  There is some discrepancies between the three.

The original trilogy Hot Wheels Falcon has a single barrel laser turret and round dish, while the Titanium Falcon has a single laser turret and square dish while the the TFA Hot Wheels Falcon has a double barrel turret and square dish.  If the two Falcons are based on the TFA, then why do they have different turrets?  Which one is the accurate one?

Three Falcons are better than one.

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