Thursday, August 4, 2016

Show home

Even though we moved it's not like we moved far.  We moved into the townhouse complex right next to where our old place is.  Also, the layout is pretty much the same as the old place.  It has a mainfloor kitchen and living room, second floor with two bedrooms and bathroom with an unfinished basement.  Cody took the bedroom with no neighbours while I got the room that borders the unit next door.  It's even an end unit like our old place too.

Even though it's all similar, it's not the same.  We set up the living room pretty much the same except the sitting arrangements are reversed.  It was weird at first especially when I was playing XBox because I've been sitting on the right side of the room for the past five years and now I'm sitting on the left side.  It was screwy at first and whenever I died I just blamed it on that, not the fact that I suck.

This is looking into our living room.  We threw out the old coffee table, so currently there is no place to put remotes, food or drinks.  We haven't gotten around to putting up at artwork yet either.  At the old place we used those 3M hangers because they are supposed to come off without damaging the wall.  That was a lie because a few did just that!  A couple others just broke right off at the end leaving nothing to even pull on.

Looking out the living room.   As you can see there is some empty shelving.  All the crap from those shelves is still in the basement.  I'm thinking its easier to just leave them empty and then fillthem  with new stuff as I get it?  I think I will take select stuff out, to fill them up.  If you look closely you'll see I got the Pixels 3D Blu-ray on there, so I'm not off to a good start.

We had a big unused space in the bathroom and I had an extra shelving unit in the basement, so I put it in the bathroom because why not?  I put Star Wars stuff and toilet paper on it!

Our old yard was a waste of space, it was so small and since it faced the parking lot, it had no privacy at all.  Our new yard is on the back of the unit, has a taller fence as well as a tree and some shrubs, so it's a little more private.  Nobody has stolen the bikes yet!  They would be in the basement, but we still have to clean it up a bit more first.  I like that tree because it helps give my room some shade.


mike said...

Do you have two lawn mowers? Doesn't that mean you only have to mow half the time?

Keef said...

The old tenants left their lawn mower and trimmer. It doesn't get cut any faster because it's still just Cody cutting it! Haha