Saturday, August 27, 2016

Cool as ice

I was watching the news the other day and they had a story about how a Wayne Gretzky rookie card sold, setting a record for most expensive hockey card ever.  The one news anchor made a joke about how he should check out his hockey cards from when he was a kid to see if any are worth money and that a lot of people are probably doing the same.

I have a box in my mom's basement of old hockey cards from my days at Tenth Avenue school.  This is back when you played games with them to try and win other people's card from them like knockdowns and stuff.  Of course most of my cards are completely trashed and worst nothing as on a scale of 1 to 10 they are a -1.  I do have another more recent card that may be worth some money.

Yeah, boy!  This is the highly sought after and valuable Vanilla Ice rookie card from ProSet's Super Stars Musicards.  These were pretty hard to get and only found in every third pack.  There were probably only a mere 250,000 cards produced making them pretty scarce.  Haha, sarcasm!

For some reason all I can think about is the Jim Carrey/Vanilla Ice skit from In Living Color.


Cam said...

Your card is clearly worth more than $465K USD for that chump Gretzky, I can literally smell the coolness all the way from Kelowna. Dang, look at how cool he is on the back of that card, so cool.

mike said...

I wish I had a jet ski.

Keef said...

The ProSet Musicards featured bands and artists of multiple genres.The Musicards I have a bunch here in Calgary, but back in Cranbrook I have some other music cards that are hard rock and metal themed. I don't remember what the set was called. They are in a box with some Desert Storm and T2 movie cards.