Tuesday, August 9, 2016

New tunes

Since all my CDs are sitting in boxes I have a limited amount of music to listen.  So I just went out and bought a couple of new CDs.  I also need to fill the empty shelves in the living room as well, so I killed two birds with one stone.

I picked these up at HMV the other day.  I got the new Redfoo, who was one of half of LMFAO, because you know I like to party rock.  I also got the new MSTRKRFT album, Operator, which I didn't even know was out.  MSTRKRFT is okay, but I still prefer their two previous albums over this one.

I went to HMV at North Hill Mall to look for an entirely different CD which they didn't even have, then I saw MSTRKRFT in the new release section.  The best part was that the store was closing and all CDs/DVDs/Blu-rays were 10% off.  Its not good the store is closing, but its good I got 10% off.

Also, I heard about a new Canadian "super" group called TUNS.  The band consists of Chris Murphy(Sloan), Matt Murphy(Super Friendz/Flashing Lights) and Mike McNeill(The Inbreds).  It sounds pretty cool, and their full album will be out August 26th.  I saw a picture of Chris holding a record, so I'm not sure what other formats it will be out on.  It will out digitally for sure because you can pre-order it on iTunes.

Listen to their first single, Throw It All Away...

Also, don't kill birds with stones, it isn't very nice.

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