Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Freddie or Eddie??

Everything about our new place is pretty much the same as our old place with the exception of the kitchen.  Our new kitchen is a bit smaller in regards to everything from the overall size, amount of cupboard space, even the refrigerator has less space in it.  They installed a couple shelves on the wall to make up for the lack of cupboard space, but we, I mean me, didn't use them very wisely.

It's pretty much used as a display shelf for various cereal boxes and other items, although it does hold a few boxes of actual food.  I think it looks pretty good.  The cereal boxes on the top are actually any where from three to four boxes deep, so I can change out the display once in a while.  Of course with cereal boxes on display that leaves no room for actual food or useful kitchen items.  Oh well, style over substance I guess.

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Cara said...

Interior decorating is your calling.