Tuesday, October 18, 2016


It's October and getting close to Halloween.  Do you have have decorations up?  Get a pumpkin?  Buy candy for trick or treaters?  I have done none of that!  Surely, you've watched a few scary movies?  Unfortunately, I haven't even done that either!  I've got Final Destination and Night of the Creeps sitting in my pile of movies to watch, so I'll make sure to watch those soon.

There are some new scary movies coming out soon including a sequel to The Ring.  I liked the first Ring movie(I'm talking about the American remake here) and while I did watch The Ring 2, I didn't think it was as good as the first even though it was directed by Hideo Nakata, director of the original Ringu.  Now eleven years after The Ring 2 came out comes the third entry, Rings.

I'll wait and catch when it is released on home video.

Another really scary, and I mean scary movie out this October is Ouija: Origin of Evil.  Check it out!

This reminds me of the time Willie brought an Ouija board over Cam's, I can't remember why or what we were doing.  Anyway, he was too scared of it and wouldn't take it home, so he just left it.   We ended up taking it back to his house later on, but he brought it back to Cam's because it creeped him out.  If he was so scared of it, why did he have one in the first place?  Also, what ever happened it?  Is it still in the closet at Cam's parents place?  If so, can I have it?


Cam said...

I saw an ad for that movie the other day and thought of that story too, haha! Willie wanted to burn & bury the Ouija board or something (he said "it's the only way to be sure" or something) but I don't think he ever did. If my parents still have it you can totally take it, I'll let you know.

mike said...

Mom just tried to give it back to him the other day on FB, his reply was; "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeekk"

I told him it fell out of the closet and pointed to W ....soon

Keef said...

I'll pick it up Friday!

Cam said...

I just let my parents know you'll stop by for it!