Friday, October 28, 2016

Save the oceans

When I was in Cranbrook I found this pamphlet in the back of a drawer.  It was some old school assignment and I'm guessing it was for a science class.  Its from the Parkland days, so my memory is extremely fuzzy.  I probably did all the work though.

I totally traced that fish.  And the words.  

Its a photocopied pamphlet, so maybe we made more than one, but I have no idea why.

Nice work filling up an entire page with a tiny graph!

Since I don't remember writing it, what we were in or even what class it was for I certainly don't remember what grade we got.  I hope it was a good one, but probably not after seeing all the glaring spelling mistakes.  I guess there is a reason I ended up working at Superstore.

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