Sunday, October 9, 2016

Do or donut, there is no try.

Remember a while back I got some Korean snacks from Cody?  I said I was saving the donut one for later, well now is later!

Nice looking box, it makes those donuts look really good!  I'm a little confused about the picture on the bottom left hand side.  The big blue drop I guess is supposed to be water?  If a blue drop is water, then what is up with the red-ish drop over the hand?

The entire contents of the box and no donuts???!!!!  I quickly glanced at the back or of the box and saw you have to "make" something and I just assumed like a dummy it was the glaze for the donuts.  Turns out you have to make both the donuts and the glaze!  

Making the glaze is one thing, but having to make the donuts as well is way too much work for me especially when I can't read the Korean instructions.  Remember if something is too hard, then just give up.

I said I was saving the donut one for it's own post because it required.  Looks like it requires too much work for me.  I'm too lazy and want everything handed to me.  If anyone wants to try making this then let me know because it's yours.  You'll probably have to download a translator app or something or find someone who can read Korean.

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