Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Yo Joe

I was down in the basement today digging out my Marvel Blu-rays and also pulling out some other discs I plan on rewatching.  After the Transformers talk the other day I pulled out my copy of G.I. Joe: The Movie when I came across it.  I wish it had some more special features, but it does have some classic Joe PSAs on it.

The opening sequence is totally badass and a real pump up, but after that it goes downhill.  I still like it, but I didn't care for the weird alien-ish Cobra-La characters and setting.

In the original version Duke was supposed to die, but the backlash from the Transformers movie had them change it.  In Duke's "death" scene after getting hit with a snake spear from Serpentor, they changed it to mention that he just went into a coma.  At the end of the movie, Doc can be heard over the radio saying Duke just woke up from his coma and that he's going to be okay.  YO JOE!

I love how when the Joes are testing the Broadcast Energy Transmitter(BET) in the snowy Himalayas, so Quick Kick has a parka on, but he is still barefoot!   

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