Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Can you "handle" it?

I'm thinking about when I'll be going to Cranbrook because my mom keeps asking me.  A couple years ago I was home just before Sam Steele Days and was bummed because I saw a big ad for a free pancake breakfast at the Tamarack Mall.  For whatever reason, I just remembered that and decided to look up the dates for Sam Steele Days this year and turns out they've really gotten into promoting it with a fancy website.  

I've never really been one to celebrate Sam Steele Days in the past, at least not since I was a kid.  My grandparents lived just off downtown, so we'd just walk down by the courthouse to watch the parade.  I remember they would throw out candy and that's about it.  After that I never really went to any Sam Steele Days events since.  Does that mean I'm too cool or not cool enough?

Looks like they got a lot going this year as there is full calendar of events on the website, all the best ones involve food.  On Friday June 16th there are two pancake breakfasts and three BBQs!  Saturday and Sunday is the Taste of Cranbrook in Balment Park and I'm very intrigued by some place called Tacos del Oso Muerto.  Meurto means "dead", so take that for what it is.  There will also be TWO crepe places!

Other than food there is Smashmouth and I bet Willie got front row tickets.  There is also this...


They gave old Sam Steele a hip new logo to appeal to the kids.  It's actually not bad, I kind of like it.  They worked a maple leaf and a moustache in there, I'd wear a t-shirt with that on it.  While I browsing around the website I found this picture.

Where is that sign located, I want to know!  Also, as a marketing gimmick they should be handing out free stick-on handlebar moustaches to everyone.  That is a missed opportunity right there.

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mike said...

Willie has probably started washing his beard already..