Saturday, April 22, 2017

Who you gonna call?

FYI in case you didn't already know but...

The Real Ghostbusters, the entire series all 116 episodes of it is now on Netflix!

I learned of this quite a while ago via some Instagram posts and figured it was probably in the US only because they get a lot of movies and TV shows we don't up here in Canada.  I think it was a couple weeks after that, but The Real Ghostbusters did show up on Canadian Netflix.  Nice!

As far as Netflix goes I'm currently watching Lucha Underground, so I can't start anything new until I finish that.  I'm getting close to finishing Season One and then on to Season Two.  Lucha Underground is "wrestling" program that airs on the El Rey Network, the Latino channel started by Robert Rodriquez.  It uses wrestlers from different countries, but mostly focuses on Mexican Luchadors and their style which is why its so awesome.  There are the typical big muscle dudes, but I like the matches with the smaller "technicos" who do all the crazy moves and high flying.   My favorite luchadors would have to be Fenix, Pentagon Jr and Drago.  They also have a wrestler named Mascarita Sagrada, a "mini" and Pimpinela Escarlata who if I used the word  "flamboyant" to describe would be an understatement.  They are both pretty fun and the crowd loves them, but usually they end up getting beat down.  Oh well, you guys should check it out!

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