Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Colouring for grown-ups

Rogue One was released on DVD and Blu-ray today and you know I got it.  I had to buy it at Best Buy because they had it on 3D Blu-ray while for some reason Wal-Mart didn't.  I also had to get it along with the steelbook because that was the only way to get it on 3D.  I don't normally go for steelbooks because they are a different size than all my other blu-ray cases, so it's a bit annoying.  If it's the only way to get 3D, then I don't even had a choice.

Like all Disney releases it came with a code to enter at Disney Movie Rewards.  At the website you enter codes from DVDs, blu-ray, CDs and movie tickets to earn points.  You can use your points on lots of different things like more movies, collectibles and goodies.

I had been eying a Star Wars adult colouring book for quite a while now.  I entered the code from Rogue One blu-ray and went to check out the Star Wars rewards and the Star Wars colouring book was gone!  

Looks like it's been replaced with this Rogue One colouring book.  It's still pretty nice looking with 100 pictures to colour, but I wanted the Star Wars one with pictures from the original trilogy.  I keep waiting and maybe it will come back or something different will come up.

I've also been eyeing this The Force Awakens movie poster.  I really like the poster, but if I get it then I'll have to get a frame for it and then hang said frame on the wall.  I know Ikea or Michael's would have the frame, but hanging the frame on wall is the major turn off.  I suppose I could just set in the floor and lean it against the wall.

Unfortunately, the Marvel rewards on the website have been pretty underwhelming, so hopefully that improves soon.  I have cashed in some points before on a couple movies and a Star Wars t-shirt.  They ship pretty fast too and you can opt to pay for shipping or use points to pay.  Now they need some Indiana Jones stuff!

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