Monday, January 14, 2008

My new best friend.

A Go-Bot! I actually found this guy at work when I almost stepped on him. I was putting stuff out in the freezer and took a step and felt something under my foot. I thought it was just a piece of cardboard or some garbage the produce idiots dropped, but it turned out to be the evil Go-Bot leader Cy-Kill. Not exactly what I was expecting!

I wonder who lost it? It's not something kids today would be playing with as it's like 25 years old. His arm was broken and stuff, so he definitely been played with. I guess it doesn't matter because he is all mine now! Finders keepers!


mike said...

aw that's sad, he will never go-bot again. Good for you for saving him though, I would like to see the new plastic-fantastic transformer toys last 20 years..
I'm tempted to dig out my vw bug Go-bot from way back next time I'm home.

Anonymous said...

Keef said...

After years of hard work Cy-Kill can now enjoy a peaceful retirement on my shelf.

I remember that VW dude! He's a poor man's Bumblebee. I didn't have Bug Bite, but I knew someone who did because I remember playing with him. He looks totally weird. Transformers in general looked cooler in robot mode and had heads with actual faces. Bug Bite has a windshield for a face. Wha? They should change his name to Bug Splat, it is funnier.