Sunday, January 6, 2008


Hey, it's Sunday and I don't have to work! Weird I know, and I didn't even ask for it off. Cody had the day off too and basically we pretty much did nothing. We were going to hit Joey's for breakfast, but it was closed. Noooooo!!! We then went over to the Sunnyside community center because every Sunday they have a crappy flea market. I ended up getting a couples 45's and the Ramones Subterranean Jungle LP. The guy said he'd bring more stuff next week, but I'll probably end up working won't be able to go. Sorry dude!

On the way home we stopped by what used to VHQ, but I think they changed their name to Movie Gallery. The store is closing and everything is for sale, and when I say everything I mean everything! They are selling the movie racks for only $10 each! That is so cool, I really wish I had the room for one. I don't even have room for my movies right now, that's why they're all in binders. Maybe one day... I picked up three movies, Power Ranger Dino Thunder Vol 1, Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence and the Chuck Norris double feature Missing in Action II: The Beginning/Braddock: Missing in Action III. MIA III was the better movie despite the presence of a bunch of kids. It's directed by Chucks' brother, Aaron Norris who just takes the action over the top and blows up a bunch of stuff. After all being a Chuck Norris movie that's pretty much what we expect! That and Chuck breaking necks in stealth mode and off the top of my head he does it like 6 times. Classic!

Also, I am sick. I went to the doctor on Friday and he said I have strep throat. I thought you needed to do a test to confirm strep throat. All he did was jam a giant popsicle stick down my throat and told me to say "Aaahhhh." Which I did after gagging and nearly throwing up. I guess he's either a good doctor or my throat was really really bad. He gave me a prescription for some cheap penicillin, and I think I may be getting better. It's hard to tell.

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