Thursday, October 7, 2010

I own a tremendous amount of crap

If you read this blog then you know I'm always posting about crap I bought or crap I want to buy.   If I didn't buy so much junk I could easily afford a fancy car, a mansion or I could retire to a tropical island.  I guess I just keep buying stuff to fill the empty void in my life.  Maybe I should get a kitten instead?

Anyway, my parent's told me Logan spent an entire week learning about Star Wars in school.  It's good to know they are finally teaching kids something useful because math is for losers.  Logan is all gung-ho for Star Wars now and since it's his birthday coming up I figured I would get him some DVDs since he doesn't have any of them at all.  I can the most bang for my buck at Cash Conveters so I went there.

I wanted to get him Episodes 4-6 because those are the only ones that actually matter, but unfortunately they didn't have those ones, so I was stuck getting Eps 1-3 plus the Clone Wars CGI movie.  Cash Converters was running a deal of buy 5 DVDs and get 5 free and since I already had four I just had to buy one more to get the next 5 for free.  That's great and all, but me and Cody just were there last Saturday where we already got 5 for 5, so now we literally have pile of DVDs on the living room floor.

Plus all the DVDs I bought else new and used.

Last night we watched Day of the Dead, not the Romero one, but the new one with Mena Suvari and Nick Cannon.  It was decent, but the CGI blood looked awful.  Tonight we watched Delta Force One: The Lost Patrol and it was truly terrible and I was angry for having watched it.  At least I know Ernest Goes To Camp won't let me down.

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