Friday, October 29, 2010

Know whut I mean?

With Halloween only two night away I figured I should celebrate it properly by watching one of the truly great classic Halloween movies...Ernest Scared Stupid. 

I wanted to watch this for Halloween, but wasn't sure where I could find it.  I knew Cash Converters would have it because they always have crappy, I mean good movies like this.  I told Cody I wanted to go there to look for it and he was like, "Is that the one with the trolls?"  We got there and of course they had it, in fact they had a bunch of Ernest movies.  I also got Ernest Goes to Camp and Cody got Ernest Goes to Jail.  Bobby totally stole the show in Ernest Goes to Jail, I was disappointed by lack of good Bobby material in Scared Stupid.  Anyway, I when I went to pay for my movies the girl was scanning them in and she's like, "Oh, Ernest Scared Stupid!" and she tells me how she has a bunch of the Ernest movies, but not that one and asks, "Is that the one with the trolls?"  So, YES!, Ernest Scared Stupid is the one with the trolls.  The main troll blows up at the end therefore the movie is awesome.

Continuing with the Halloween movie marathon Saturday night is the Canadian premiere of the new Scooby-Doo live action movie, Curse of the Lake Monster, and on Sunday night is the Walking Dead on AMC.  I just hope to actually get to watch TV on Sunday night and not being interrupted by little kids begging for candy.


mike said...

Cashiers check you out all the time..

maybe you should go back there again.

Cam said...

Turn off your lights and put a sign on the door that says "Come see us next-door, make sure you ask for double candy!" and an arrow to your least favorite neighbour's house. Problem solved, and your sweet sweet candy doesn't go to any mooching kids.