Tuesday, October 26, 2010


When I was back in Cranbrook I was looking in a box that had a bunch of my old photo albums.  I found a sticker album, but for some reason it didn't have that many stickers in it.  It had a few TMNT stickers and some fuzzy stickers in it.  Later as I was looking through a photo album I found that I had put a bunch of stickers in there instead.   I took a few pictures of various pages of stickers, so prepare for a fun filled trip back to the eighties!  Click the pictures to see a slightly larger size.

Bib Fortuna and R2-D2!  I like that Pac-man sticker because it's a bit sassy.  The sword sticker on the top is a He-Man sticker.  Also note the classic shiny name stickers.

Scratch and sniff!  After being behind the plastic film of the photo album pages for the past 15+ years the scratch and sniff stickers amazing still retain their smell.  I made Avery smell the pizza one and he said "Yuck."

O.J. is okay!

The little round stickers on the top are more scratch and sniff, but with some odd scents like "Pipe Tobacco" and "Tavern".    Doesn't seem quite right to make stickers for kids that smell like tobacco.  Ah, the good old days!  Before you say anything, those Strawberry Shortcake stickers I stole from my sister.

Dill pickle scratch and sniff!  I remember that ET sticker was one of my favorites.

There you have it!  While looking at the photo albums I also found an old school picture of Cam getting rad on his skateboard.  Gnarly!


mike said...

where are you sk8 stickers and pics?

I almost raided Cams at Thanksgiving.. they are in a box downstairs..

Keef said...

I have old Nike shoe box that has all my old skateboard, ski and snowboard stickers in it. Some of that stuff has got to be collector's items. I will try and remember to snap a few pics of those next time I'm back.

Cam said...

You keep your grubby hands off my sticker, Mike. Also, "Yuck" is the correct response when smelling those pizza stickers, they're terrible.