Friday, October 15, 2010

More free cereal t-shirts!

Well not t-shirts of cereals, but t-shirts from cereals.  Last year I wrote about the free Cheerios Olympic t-shirt and now General Mills is back at it with three different Olympic shirts to commemorate our win in Men's Olympic hockey.  There are three different shirts each one a different colour and design on it.  The nice thing about these is that with winter coming (it snowed here today!) they are long sleeve.  I can't decided with one I want, I'll probably go with the black because I already have a red Olympic shirt.  Don't dilly dally because supplies are limited!  I'll help you out and post the link to the website.

I also bought this weird box of Saskatchewan Rough Riders 100th anniversary cereal called  Fantuz Flakes which is just a rip off of Flutie Flakes and is only available at Co-op.  I just bought it because it was funny looking.  The box says it "Second Edition" which means it worthless as a collectible.  You gotta get the first edition! 

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