Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Free shirt #1

A while ago I wrote about two free t-shirts offers and I just got my first one in the mail.  I got my CCM shirt and a copy of the Hockey News from Honey Bunches of Oats. 

The shirt is black, but for some reason I thought I ordered a blue one.  Doesn't matter because I don't like the fabric, it feels all scratchy, so I'll give it to my brother or Matt.  Also, I don't really care about hockey, so I'm not going to read The Hockey News, I'll give that to my dad.  I'm such a nice guy giving all those things away right?  I'm just hoping my "vintage" Tony the Tiger shirt gets here soon from Kellogg's.

I'm sure you'll also remember how I got the free sample of Kashi cereal?  Well, they went and sent me a sample Kashi  soft-baked bar.  It wasn't bad, I already ate it, but I won't be be rushing out to buy any.  Also, the free Kashi cereal sample is still sitting in my cupboard.  I'm scared to eat it.

I will eat it, but I will not buy it.


Cara said...

Pffft! A free t-shirt? Is that the best Post can do?

General Mills is offering a free BEACH TOWEL for a limited time! Take that, Post!


Keef said...

Thanks for the tip because that is AWESOME! I can't decide between the Honey Nut Cheerios towel or the Lucky Charms towel, so I will be just both. I'm off the grocery right now!

Keef said...