Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh Canada, eh

I should've been more partriotic and posted this back on Canada Day, but I didn't pick it up until July 3rd.  It is what every self respecting Canadian comic book loving geek should have sitting on their shelf, a Vindicator bust.

I'm not really an X-Men/mutant guy, but how can you not love this statue?  He's got the red and white costume and huge maple leaf right on his chest!  That being said, yes he's Canadian, he's Vindicator (later known as Guardian) the leader of Canada's premier (or only) superhero team Alpha Flight.

I have actually wanted one of these for quite a while.  I remember seeing one at Phoenix Comics years ago, but then they went and sold it.  They only made 2000 of these, so I figured I was pretty much out of luck.  Then out of nowhere I went to Phoenix and there it was sitting on the self with all the other statues and busts.  I had to get it.  Mine is number 1133/2000 and I ended up paying $40.  This might seem like a lot, but it looks super cool and is collectible.  I looked on eBay and someone is selling one of these for $140, so I think I made out okay.

My only complaint is that the red is actually like a shiny chrome paint, so you have to been careful not to get greasy fingerprints on it.  It'll be ruined.  Other than Wolverine, Canada doesn't have many other cool superheroes.  Why not? 

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