Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Previously on last weeks episode...

I can't help but notice nobody made a single comment on my last post which I which is probably because "normal" people actually get summer vacations, so I'll assume you're all out having fun.  To which I say, "You suck."  Remember those three days off I took a couple weeks ago to go to Cranbrook?  Apparently, that was my summer vacation.

It seems like people I work with get to take weeks of vacation time, some lady took 7 weeks off at Christmas, then another guy took 5 weeks after Christmas.  I complained about it saying "Why don't I get to take a month of vacation?"  My supervisor says, "No one is stopping you.", so I asked for the last week of June and all of July off and I all I got was a "NO."  Then she goes at gives almost six weeks off to another lady instead.  Yeah, thanks for those three whole days off you gave me.  <-----Sarcasm

Also last post I talked about how I was going to clean my room and take in the recycling and stuff, but none of that stuff really happened.  I ended up hurting my back (again) while I was sleeping (AGAIN!).  I've actually done this a few times now, but usually I wake up my back is in pain (only the left side for some reason) and take some Robaxacet.  It settles down and I go back to sleep and my back is sore for a couple days then I'm all good.  Unfortunately, this time I wasn't so lucky as the pain didn't go away and was there for almost a day.  It hurt when I walked, sat down or even lay down, so I was pretty much in pain all the time.  Eventually, the pain and the possible "over medication" got to me and I ended up puking and I'm talking about fire hose strength puking with stuff coming out my nose.  It sucked, it was gross, but at least for a brief moment I forgot my back hurt.

Since Friday was Canada Day, the clinics were closed so I pretty much had to wait it out until Saturday.  I finally managed to get to sleep around 3am Saturday morning, and when I woke up my back felt better.   I told the doctor about my back and his idea to treat it is to stick needles into it!  Wha?  Yeah, it's the same guy who stuck needles in my wrist back when I hurt it.  He did his acupuncture thing and I went out and bought some groceries and went home and my back which was feeling a bit better started to flare up again.  I ended up going back to the doctor and he gave me a shot for the pain which actually worked.  Call me old fashioned, but I'll take pills and shots over needles any day. 

I've been popping plain old over the counter muscle relaxant ever four hours since Saturday.  Although, I should ask for some heavy duty stuff because it doesn't feel like it's doing anything at all.  My back comes and goes and can be fine one moment and then a few minutes later it will hurt like hell for no reason.   Anyway, I have to wait a 9 hour shift tomorrow, so we'll see if I survive.  Sorry, the last two posts have been pretty boring.  Next post will be about ice cream!


mike said...

yaaay Ice Cream..

Back hurt is no fun, you don't realize how much you use your muscles for everything until they suck.

How do you keep getting injured while sleeping though? Maybe you sleepwalk out and lift some cars in the parking lot or something.

mike said...

btw, two posts with the same name?
deja vu?

Keef said...

Mike, I reused the same post title to see if anyone would notice and you did. You win a fabulous no prize!

A hurt back especially sucks because it will hurt no matter what you are doing, sitting, laying down or standing. It wouldn't be so bad if it was your arm because you just use the other arm!

I keep waking up on my side with my upper body twisted which pulls on the muscles. I'm trying to sleep on my back more to prevent this from happening, but it's harder than I thought.