Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vitamin fail

I don't exactly eat a balanced diet, sometimes I try and sometimes I just don't care.  I saw the health nurse who went over my diet with me and told me I don't get enough fruit/vegetables, protein or drink enough water.  I'm trying, but protein seems to be hardest thing to get on a regular basis.  My doctor told I was vitamin D deficient too.  To make up for my malnutrition I am taking vitamin D and have been taking a multi-vitamin.

I've always taken a multi-vitamin, but haven't really stuck to just one kind.  Usually, it'll be one of the Jameson varities, but I just started taking a different kind of multi-vitamin.  I picked this one strickly on the fact that it's a gummy!   Gummies rule!

Yes, they cost more than regular vitamins, but they are gummies and the bottle says the are "great tasting".  I was pretty jazzed about these and thought they were gonna taste so awesome and I'd eat the whole bottle in a week and end up in the hospital ODed on gummy vitamins.  Don't worry because that's not going to happen because they don't taste good at all.  I was hoping for a gummy flavor like dinosours, cola bottles or juice berries and instead I just get a funny tasting gummy with a funky aftertaste.   I never thought I'd have to force myself to eat anything gummy.

The stupid thing is that you're supposed to take two gummies per day!  Most vitamins you just take one pill per day, but now I have to take two gummies a day which don't even taste good.  That is a total scam because you go through them faster requiring you to buy another expensive bottle.  At least I will run out quickly, so I can go back to the plain old boring "regular" pill vitamins.


mike said...

I see your problem Keith, right there on the bottle it says Adult.. you need the kids ones if you want them to taste good.

plus, I remember when we were little and being babysat Cam ate a whole bottle of flintstone vitamints! haha, that must be why he's so smart..

Keef said...

I bet your parents never hired that baby sitter again!