Monday, July 11, 2011

Seven years bad luck?

In the dairy section at any local grocery store you'll find many different flavored milk and milkshake type drinks starting with the classic chocolate and strawberry to something a little more different like orange.  They even started making name brand drinks like Rolo and Coffee Crisp.  I've tried them and they're okay, just a different flavor of chocolate.  But if you're looking for something really different then you'll have to try the new Bubblicious milkshake.

Bubblicious, everyone's favorite chewing gum is finally a drinkable treat.  It does actually taste like bubble gum, but let's hope it doesn't take seven years to pass through your digestive system.  When I first drank it I kept thinking it tasted a lot like bubble gum ice cream.  In fact I think they just took some bubble gum ice cream, melted it, strained out any gum bits and then bottled it.  As long as it tastes like bubble gum then it's all good and gets my stamp of approval.  Not like making pink lemonade ice cream that doesn't even taste like pink lemonade! 


mike said...

How come they make all sorts of Bubblicious flavor things and then don't sell Bubblicious Bubble gum? I'd even take Hubbabubba.

We keep Bubble gun in the westy for vacation driving fun and every year it gets harder and harder to find.

I tell you kids are missing out these days, they probably just have a Bubblegum App now..

Keef said...

Go to 7-11. After I bought the Bubblicious drink I thought I'd look for the gum and went to 7-11. I was looking for it with the other gums, but they didn't have it. Then I found it, still in the candy aisle but hidden away. They had Bubblicious and HubbaBubba. Doesn't make sense that it's not with the other gum. Why must everything be so difficult?!