Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Today during my lunch break at work I finally finished my game of Pokemon HeartGold!  I first started the game on March 30 , 2010 and just beat the final opponent today.  It only took 111 hours and 25 minutes of play time for me to do it.  If I was a ten year old, it probably would've taken only half that.  I finished most of the game a while ago, but there was still one guy left to beat, but his Pokemon were at higher level than mine, so I spent quite a bit of time level grinding my guys.  Beating him was actually pretty easy and I only used three guys from my team (you get six) and only used a couple health/restore items.  I also managed to log in over 1 million steps on my Pokewalker.  Still, there is a lot of stuff I haven't done and hundreds of Pokemon I haven't caught, but I think I'm pretty much done with this game for now.  It's time to go back to playing Pokemon White.

In other Nintendo stuff here is the picture of my Mii off my Nintendo 3DS. 

 Looks just like me right?

This one doesn't look so much like me.  It's the QR code of my Mii.  What the hell is a QR code?!

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