Wednesday, September 14, 2011

PIZZA PARTY! For real this time!

Today I finally got around to getting the Toyota inspected (it passed!), so I can switch it over to Alberta plates.  I dropped it off at the Certiguard near our place and then walked back home.  As I was walking home I saw this squirrel on the front lawn of this house eating some pizza.  He wasn't eating a little crumb of pizza or a piece of pizza crust, but an entire slice of pizza.  He was holding it with both paws and munching on it and then he saw me and took up up a nearby tree with the pizza in his mouth.  It was pretty funny, but got me thinking.  "Where did he get that pizza?"  "Who the hell throws out an entire slice of pizza and on the front lawn?"  While those are good questions the most important one is "Why the hell does this squirrel get pizza and I don't?!"  "I want pizza!"  Then tonight I went to Little's Caesar's and got pizza, a whole pizza, not just a slice.  Ha, in your face squirrel!


Cam said...

If you had an iPhone we could all be enjoying pictures of that squirrel right now. Did you get the $5 pepperoni at Little Caesar's?

Keef said...

I decided to get something different and got the BBQ chicken.

Also, the iPhone isn't the only phone that takes pictures. I'm sure other phones also take pictures and probably better ones too.