Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sock it to me

As you are aware I AM BACK!  The trip was good, but it was too short.  I didn't have enough time to see everything and do all the stuff I wanted.  I took a few pictures, but that's another post.  I didn't buy too many souvenirs except for a bunch of fridge magnets, but again that's a post for another time.  I buy did some clothes though.

Awesome lobster socks.  Before you say I can wear these to work, forget it because these are too rad for work.  I also wanted to get a pair that had the Nova Scotia tartan on them, but I couldn't find my size.

A t-shirt.

Another t-shirt.

It's me!  It's a Keith clan crest in pewter I picked up at a shop along the Cabot Trail.  I have no idea what I'll do with it.  No big deal, 98% of the stuff I own I don't even use.

I didn't buy this on the trip, but I bought it for the trip and read it while I was gone.  It sucks because it ends on a total cliff hanger meaning I'll have to read the next book, Deadly Heat.  It's not out yet, but it when it comes out it will be hard cover meaning I'll have to wait even longer before it's out in paperback.

Now the bad news, I've got a summer cold!  I left my window wide open Friday night and even though I was cold I was too lazy to get out of bed to close it and now I'm paying the price.  My throat is super raw and dry.  I'm hoping it will get out my system quick, but I have feeling it won't.  Summer colds suck!

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