Saturday, August 23, 2014


My sister sent me a text on Friday saying that Target had Boo Berry cereal and was asking me if I wanted some because I had asked her to get me some if she saw some in the US.  I knew Boo Berry was back in stores along with Frankenberry and Count Chocula because I have the internet!  I didn't even know she went down to the US, so of course I said yes, then she said she would go look on her lunch break.  Wait, what?  Then it dawned on me that we have Target in Canada and I asked her if this was in Canada and she said yes.  She was still in Cranbrook.  So soon as my shift was over on Friday I went to Target which is conveniently located next to Superstore and got myself some Frankenberry.

This was the only monster related cereal they had, but I'll take whatever I can get.   It's available for a limited time only, probably at least until Halloween I'm guessing.

Pretty in pink!  Even though it's a Frankenstein themed cereal, they look like little pink ghosts.  There are marshmallows, but not too many.  The cereal smells nice, but tastes meh.

The back of the box announces "We're Back!", but only shows Frankenberry and Count Chocula meanwhile down in the States they also get Boo Berry.  Last year they also had Yummy Mummy and Fruit Brute.  I think we are lucky to get any fun cereal up here.  Next, start putting prizes back in our cereals!

The back of the box has some monster cereal trivial and monster name generator.  I call "The Freaky Zombie Ghost" as my name.  How can a zombie be a ghost?  Does he still want to eat brains?  Ghost brains?

I didn't choose "Freaky Zombie Ghost" because those words are on the same line, it just happened to work out that way.  Yeah, that's it.

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WiLLiE said...

I was randomly in Target and found the Frankenberry. My friend Dave checked me out and he said they sold out of the Count Chocula but that they did have both for awhile. Didn't exactly know when they'd get more in but he heard that they were going to be releasing more around halloween and some cereals they haven't re-released in a looong time. I'm keeping my eyes peeled!