Thursday, August 21, 2014

Unnatural pairing

The other day Cara commented on my second set of pictures from my trip that it was National Potato Day and I said she should've eaten some cinnamon bun flavoured chips in celebration.  Well, I take it back because you should never eat cinnamon flavoured chips no matter what the occasion.

A while ago Lays ran their contest where you could submit a new chip flavour and the finalist would be voted on by the potato chip eating public.  The flavours are now out and are Bacon Poutine, Cinnamon Bun,  Wavy JalapeƱo Mac N' Cheese and Keetle Cooked Tzatiki.  I saw an ad on TV for these and was surprised to see Cinnamon Bun flavoured chips in there.  Of course I had to try it which turned out to be the worst mistake of my entire life.

They smell cinnamon-y which is nice, but they taste awful.  I ate about ten chips and then threw the bag in the garbage.  I usually force myself to eat stuff I don't like that much because I paid for it and don't want to waste it.  I almost finished that bag of hot dog chips once upon a time.  This time I couldn't do it, they were just that bad.

I know you can vote for your favourite at the Lays website, but how about letting us vote on the worst flavour?


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WiLLiE said...

The Jalapeno Mac n' cheese ones were ok but not as good as I expected. Did not like Tziki...I don't think I'll ever eat another bag of cinnamon bun chips. I found them strangely ok...I don't think I'll bother trying the bacon poutine ones. Probably just end up disappointed.