Tuesday, August 19, 2014


The third and final batch of pictures from my trip.

A beach on the start of the Cabot Trail.

Coming down the other side of the Cabot Trail.

If there was a cut out with a place to stick you head through, we were there!

Cannons at Louisburg.  When you visit the fort everyone is in period costume and stuff, they are all "French".  The English kicked their asses and deported them back to France on two separate occasions.  I was tempted to ask the guard at the front gate if I came back next week would the fort be under on English control.  If I ever go back I'll wear a t-shirt with an big English flag on the front.

You could walk around some trails at Louisburg where buildings used to be, but now all that's left are educational plaques.  You can go down to the water and stuff, but nobody was on the trails.  Suckers, it was cool.

Some strange "jelly" like creature in the water.

Boats in Baddeck.

The Bluenose II in Lunenburg.  It's the boat on the back of the dime!  It's under going some very lengthy and costly upgrades.

The lighthouse at Peggy's Cove.  It was all foggy that day even though in Lunenburg earlier, it was sunny!

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