Friday, October 17, 2014

A Buncha Stuff

Here is the post I was going to do last night.  It's basically just some random stuff that wouldn't have been very interesting on their own, so I crammed it all together.  In the end it's still not very interesting.

Scaramilk egg!  They changed the packaging and name on the regular Caramilk egg to make it more Halloweeny.  Still tastes awesome!

Since I couldn't afford the $3000 stormtrooper statue I bought this little Jason Vorhees figure.  It's part of the ReAction line of "vintage" figures.  I like the old school look and lack of articulation.  He would fit right in with Kenner's Star Wars figures.

These are all the figures in the horror collection, but there are lots of other figures from everything from Goonies, Aliens and the Universal Monsters.

An Ewok! You can never have too many Ewoks. He came with a spear and a bow, he's ready for battle.

A while ago I bought a $1 scratch ticket and won $1, so I got another ticket and won $2.  I got a $2 ticket and won $4, so I got two more $2 tickets.  I won $5 on one of those tickets and used that five dollars to get two of these Walking Dead scratchers.  I kept the leftover $1, so at least I could say I got my money back.

I got these two a little while ago and they have been hanging around on the floor in my room.  Both from Phoenix, both cheap.  I like it.

A DVD of Rancid videos!

Greatest Hits From the Bong!  It has a parental advisory warning on it, so I gotta hide it from my mom.

I promise a better blog post once Cam sends me some pictures.

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