Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I found this article yesterday about how classic games Star Wars: X-Wing and Tie Fighter will be making their way back to the PC.  I couldn't find a release date in the article, so I checked out GOG.com and turns out they are already available!  Sweet, I just need a flight stick now.  Spent a lot of time back in the day playing Tie Fighter on Cam's computer and I still have my X-Wing Collector's edition in a box somewhere.


Cam said...

Thanks to you and Mike both telling me about GOG Tie Fighter, I grabbed it. Just a caution, you need 29MB free hard drive space to install the original so you might need to delete some stuff to play it.

Keef said...

Is it as sweet as I remember? Are you being serious about the 29MB stuff, or joking, I can't tell.

Cam said...

29MB is about 5 mp3 songs, I'm joking. I just dug out my joystick and started the 1998 version on medium difficulty and so far I've failed the first mission twice. First time some freighters got through before I could scan them, second time I passed the mission but got sniped by some rebel scum in a shuttle while I was going for secondary objectives. It's pretty sweet, no joke, but there are lots of buttons to remember in this crazy thing.

mike said...

Maybe you should make another boot-disk Cam..

Which one has match-speed? (Tiefighter right?)the other one sucks..

Keef said...

Yeah Mike, definitely need match speed especially on the slower ships or you'd keep zipping past them.

A-Wings you'd just go max speed and they'd still out run. They were annoying which is why I always had to destroy them.

Does it have cheats and stuff? Unlimited missiles!!