Saturday, October 25, 2014


I was getting some photos done at London Drugs and was browsing the toy section and found this bracelet for 99 cents.  I like that it is plastic, so it can take more abuse like getting wet and not fall apart like a fabric one.  Also...pretty colours...

I guess you can "DIY" it and change the loops, hence the Super Loopers name.  Sounds complicated to a guy like me, so I'll just stick with the as is version.  I did take off the charm though.  Looking at the back package there are different kinds of bracelets like glow in the dark, neon, and glitter.  OMG GLITTER!

I guess I have dainty wrists because it fit.   Another bonus of plastic, it stretches.  I did take off the charm though.  Below are a couple more shots of me trying to model my new bracelet.

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