Monday, January 19, 2015

Gimme my loot

I made a last minute decision to come back to Cranbrook for a very brief stay.  One whole day is my definition of a very brief stay.  This morning I worked a half day and then drove back to Cranbrook in the afternoon.  I'll do something Tuesday and then drive back to Calgary on Wednesday afternoon So I can be at work Thursday morning bright and early.

The drive was boring as usual except when an elk ran out in front of my car just before Fort Steele.   Once I got back to Cranbrook I literally unpacked my car and then sat at the table for dinner, so good timing on my part.  After dinner my mom was eager to give me my Christmas gifts, even though she told me what she already got me.

The XBone!  It sucks because once I get back to Calgary it's right back to work, so I probably won't even get a real chance to sit down and get some good time on it until next Tuesday!  Once I get it hooked up my plan is to ditch my Sony 3D blu-ray player as they finally updated the XBox to play 3D discs.  I even ordered a Microsoft Media Remote online from Future Shop to make navigating discs to watching movies easier than having to use the controller.  But I getting a head of myself here.

I also got some stuff in general that's been sitting around waiting a while for me because I haven't been home for so long including some awesome cereal.

I already got boxes of Frankenberry and Count Chocula, but those are the Canadian versions.  My sister got me the US versions including Boo Berry which we never even got in Canada.  The ones she got are the retro version boxes that make them way cooler because they come with cut-out masks on the back of the box.

Of course you know I can never open them, eat the cereal or cut-out the mask because that would decrease their collectibility.  I must try and maintain them in as pristine shape as possible.  That way in about twenty years or so I can sell them for about $5...each!  Profit baby!

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WiLLiE said...

We were supposed to get Boo Berry up here, dammit! Those U.S. versions are awesome. I'd eat the cereal and save the box, but that's just me.